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Arthur George

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Hello POMP-adores! Just a quick update to let you know the long wait is over, we will officially continue carrying the Arthur George sock line by Robert Kardashian! The line made some shifts in distribution and who would make the cut to carry the line, and after a long long process of showing our criteria to the big boss, we are happy to say we made the grade! So be on the look out for new styles and more of them coming soon on our web here, and in store at POMP Boutique Short Sands in York Beach Maine!

Welcome to POMP!

It's 2:30 a.m. and I am still working hard for my POMP-adores! I love my job that much! Really I do :) It brings me great joy to scour the treasures just waiting to be discovered by POMP Boutique. Our focus is on Hollywood. Why? Well West Hollywood was my home for a short time [...]

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