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Fizzicle Therapy

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Fizzicle Therapy is an all natural handcrafted line of theraputic bath fizzies. Each formulated and crafted with care and attention to every detail of perfected ingrediant and effectiveness to soothing your tired body. Ingrediants are pure and simple with just a hint of aromatherapy. Available in Peace and Quiet.. an aromatic delicacy to quiet the mind. Ocean, a tranquil blue with a subtle soft powdery scent, Pineapple orange, a zesty citrus blend with a splash of orange pineapple notes great for a pick me up or summer vibe, Orange vanilla.. yumm like a creamsicle, Sugar cookie.. say no more! It's blended with a sugar scrub and vanilla extract, and Lavender Dream, a calming lavender and vanilla blend with slight purple hue. All formulated with Magnesium Sulfate ( Epsom salt), essntial oil drops, and or vitamin E or baby oils, citric acid, and baking soda. Only a few drops of either colored sugar, or baking food coloring. *We do not use almond oil or nut oils, but cannot guarantee non contamination for those allergic or senstive.

Fizzacle Therapy brand is a line of Bath and beauty developed by two sisters Bianca and Riana Williamson and is available exclusively to POMP Boutique!!

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