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It's 2:30 a.m. and I am still working hard for my POMP-adores! I love my job that much! Really I do :) It brings me great joy to scour the treasures just waiting to be discovered by POMP Boutique. Our focus is on Hollywood. Why? Well West Hollywood was my home for a short time in my single 20's . Before I met my wonderful husband and started a family I was a Hollywood wild child. Or so I thought lol. I lived  for the thrill of taking in the sights of the famed Hollywood glam. I was lucky enough to have had friends in the movie making industry that let me third wheel many  times  and hob nob with the stars. I even got to work as an extra on a t.v. show. But my claim to fame was not becoming famous. I was just a girl wild wide eyed for the social , fashion and fun life. The sky was the limit in my eyes to the endless sights and sounds of the bustling busy city of angels, Los Angeles.

But how would I fit in when I didn't have a dime to my name?  Where did all my money go? Parking tickets, speeding tickets, paying to park my car monthly, rent, and oh the guy that took the front end of my car off as I got off the freeway and he decided he wanted my lane now rather than wait. Well that set me back a pretty penny! This life was not easy for a young single girl working in a hair salon as a receptionist. There wasn't much money left to spend on clothes or even food. I was a pretty hungry girl. But I was determined to stick it out as long as I could. So back to fitting in. I needed to shop. I needed to look the part I wanted to mold myself into. I wanted to be L.A. So much so, I made myself an official resident, drivers licence and all.

Melrose Ave. was introduced to me for shopping. WHAT IS THIS?? A full on street dedicated to shopping the most eclectic street chic fashions for the most insanely reasonable prices! How can this be a thing? Well it was and it still is. You don't need to spend a ton in the big city to look fab. and to make yourself into whatever style icon you want to be. So I shopped very very inexpensive Boutiques that were no joke. I even saw celebrities shopping those same shops. Singers, rock stars, etc.

Fast forward to today. The passion I had for Hollywood style at Hollywood bargain prices is my gift to the East coast. It is such a treat to find great style, clothing, jewelry, etc. at great prices to share with new friends everyday . New merchandise is in weekly every week year round! There is always a new stone to turn over to discover something new and awesome. What is hot right now?  Shop our website for all of our merchandise including sales.

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  • Welcome to POMP!

    It's 2:30 a.m. and I am still working hard for my POMP-adores! I love my job …

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